Cast Photo for Miriam and the Women of the Desert

Miriam and the Women of the Desert Cast Photo

Pictured from left to right –
Soprano, Heidi Marie Salonia as Seporah,
Bass, Cantor David Presler,as the voice of God, Pharaoh and Hur;
Mezzo Soprano, Jackie Kaskel, as the the Egyptian Princess;
Soprano,Cantor Rose Lopater as Yocheved;
Tenor/Bariton, Cantor Walter Munoz, Jr. as Moses, Caleb and Betzalel;
Baritone, Sanford Lopater as Aaron, Amram, Jethro and Joshuah
Seated at the front is Soprano, Cantor Rebbekah Faustin as Miriam the Prophetess.