Third World E-Waste Graveyards

It is my hope that this music, coupled with the visuals will provide a vehicle for all of us to consider the proper disposal of every obsolete electronic device.

Listen for the sound of a crystal healing bowl which sends vibrations for healing. This problem remains with the world.

I pray for safer disposal and renewal of elements. This is a means of employment for impoverished people . My prayer is that ways will be found so that no one will harmed by reclaiming our electronic excesses.

— Sheila Firestone


Third world nightmare.
Exported e-waste, electronics.

High tech waste sites.
Computer field.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Fifty million tons of e-waste,
Tons of e-waste.

Melting toxins.
Fires burn, polluting air.
Carcinogenic rice paddies.
Heavy metal road dust.
Acrid smog,
Airborne dioxins,
Electronic e-waste.
Third world nightmare.
Precious metals.
Underground recycling.
You risked your life to tell us the story
I saw on you tube.
I saw on you tube.
Blood of the poorest children laced with lead,
Laced with lead,
Laced with lead.
Brains damaged, stunted growth.
What future’s for them?
Clouds of black dust
Roll over open food markets.
Nothing lives in wetland waters.
Wetland waters.

Sort, Sort, Sort,
Dismantle Dismantle,
Recover, Recover.
Zero e-waste,
Zero e-waste,
Zero e-waste,

©2014 by Sheila Firestone