Available Sheet Music

Miriam and the Women of the Desert

A New Musical 90 minutes  Tells the story of the Exodus from the perspective of the women of the desert.  Producers are encouraged to inquire.  Full piano, vocal and small orchestral scores are available.  Contact me here.

A Grandchildren’s Suite: Seven pieces inspired by my six grandchildren, capturing special moments in time.

  1. Sarah The Cat
  2. Skater’s Waltz
  3. For Fun
  4. Piano Study in D
  5. Walk With a Curious Child
  6. Tween Talk
  7. March to Victory on a Computer Game

Ancient Blue Threads

Music to welcome Shabbat, holidays and special occasions. Settings of traditional and original prayers with music.

  1. Bim Bam (Shabbat Shalom)
  2. Mi Chamocha (Traditional Prayer)
  3. You Shall Love the Eternal God (V’ahavtah)
  4. Bruchim Habaim (Welcoming Peace)
  5. Praise the Lord (Psalm 117)
  6. Let’s Build a Sukkah
  7. Let There Be Light (Chanukah Song)
  8. Oh God How Will I Know You?
  9. Prelude to a Dream
  10. Mazel Tov (Wedding Song)
  11. Farloren (Yom Ha Shoah) (Holocaust remembrance)
  12. Shechinah
  13. Tallit of Sisterhood
  14. Refuah Shleimah (Healing Song)
  15. Dancing in the Light of God (feat. Cantor David Presler)
  16. Adon Olam (Traditional Prayer) [feat. Cantor David Presler]