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Catalogue of Music

Musical Theatre/Opera:

“Miriam and the Women of the Desert,” ©2016: An opera about Miriam and the Women of the Desert; an hour and fifteen minute opera/musical telling the story of the Exodus through the eyes of Miriam. Piano/ Voice/chorus. Also available with small ensemble clarinet, violin, cello, and piano parts.

2/24/19 Concert Version: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Delray Beach, FL

Staged Performances:   Empire Stage Theatre, Ft. Lauderdale, FL March 30, March 31, April 4 and April 7, 2019

Choral Works:

Waters of Transformation SATB 2014, (Choral) See You tube link. Second Place Prize – Vinnie Ream Competition, National League of American Pen Women – 2014

Abraham Lincoln, SATB, with piano, published in “Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln,” a commemorative collage. Pen Woman Press, 2009

Last Ancestor – SA Lyric by Elline LIpkin Poet Laureate, Altenda Ca., 2009

Because I Love, SATB 1991

Psalm I for SATB, or String Orchestra 1989

A Step in Time SSAA – 1988

Contributions to suites by the Delian International Community of Composers withlinks to Firestone pieces:   www.David Warin Solomons/Delian Society Suites

Please click on the individually listed suite on the Solomons link to listen to contributions

Delian Suite No. 8, Letters to Eternity, to Eric Alfred Satie, Orchestral, 2015 Octava Chamber Orchestra

Delian Suite No. 7, Maid Marian, Iris Clarinet Quartet, Japan

Delian Suite No. 6, Variations on a Haitian folk song, Dodo Titite for flute and Guitar,

Nu Music! Unlimited 2010

La Horla, An Incomprehensible Feeling of Disquietude (Violin, Bassoon, Piano,) 2007 Tribute to Guy de Maupassant

Ye New Music Fayre

Farewell– Adagio for strings 2010.

Delian Suite No. 5 Variations concertantes sur le nom de Paul Verlaine, Son Joyux Importun, Part 2 of 3 2009 Octava Chamber Orchestsra,

Delian Suite Made of Glass (solo Soprano Lana Gitlin) 2009, Lyric Elline Lipkin

Ye New Music Fayre (Delian Challenges 2008)

Three Cradle Songs, Cradle Song No. 1 , Berceuse for Noah, Cradle Song No. 2 Maya

Delian Suite No. 4 Impressions of Bosch, The Hearing Forest and Seeing Field, Suite 2008, Octava Chamber Orchestra.

Delian Suite No. 3, Rara Avis, Choral Poem Setting (From the Errant Thread by

Elline Lipkin) Vocalist David Solomons, England. 2007

Delian Suite No. 2, Ezekiel XXXVII, 2006

Delian Suite No. 1 Butterflies in the Garden, 2005


Life Cycle CD: Morning Dew, In my Own Small Corner, The New American Dream, Have a Great Life, Welcome Little Wonder, I’ve Stamped Your Picture on My Heart, You Slipped Away, Remembrance of a “Mass to Hope” 2001 (Spoken Word)

For Children:

Available on CD with activity books and sheet music. Sing and Think

Eleven songs and activities to enhance the day.

Written for children in early childhood through primary school years. Good Morning, Happy Faces, Baby Can Do, Come ABC, Doodle-De-Do, My Pencil Has a Story, Swinging and Sliding, Undies, I’ve Stamped your Picture, Sleepy Land.

Songs for a New Day: Walk Tall, Children Walk Tall, A Name Game, This Land of Freedom – activities and songs for leadership development, 1990 arr. Joseph Dillon Ford.

There Must be an Answer (literacy) Music and words 1992

The Peace Patch, an interactive dance movement suite for children of all ages, shares conflict resolution techniques, mediation, and problem-solving as applied to the story of the Peace Patch. Identifies leadership traits, comes with a study guide for parents and teachers and the recorded story and music CD, 1996 Ed. Joseph Dillon Ford

Jewish /Sacred Music:  

Ancient Blue Threads CD – Sixteen song settings of traditional and original prayers in the Jewish Tradition. Vocals by Selah Gitlin , Cantor David Presler, Lital, Danya and Allie Firestone, 2012

Bim Bam – Shabbat Shalom, Mi Chamocha, You Shall Love (Shma) Bruchim Habaim -Ya a se Shalom(Welcoming Peace), Praise the Lord – Psalm 117,

Let’s Build a Sukkah, Let there be Light (Chanukah), Oh God How Will I Know You? Prelude to a Dream, Mazel Tov (Wedding Song) Farloren – The Holocaust, Shechinah, Tallit of Sisterhood, Refuah Shelayma (Healing song) Dancing in the Light of God, Adon OLam

All the World’s a Very Narrow Bridge, (setting) 2010 Words Reb. Nachman

Because I Love, SATB, 2009,New Union Prayer Book,Gates of Repentence, p.406 With Permission Central Conference of American Rabbis

Hashkivenu, 2008

Four Songs: Der Yiddishe Velt, A Joyful Noise, Farloren, Mazel Tov,   1991

Candle Blessing No. 1,1988

Instrumental Works:

Piano Solo:

The Octatonic Octopus, 2019

A Lakeside Walk With Joe, 2017

Pandora Triptych,

1.Pandora, Pandora’s Box, Hope, 2014

Canons 1-8, 2012

Prelude No. 2 in C# Minor, 2012

Prelude No. 1, 2009

A Grandchildren’s Suite – – 2009, revised 2015

Sarah the Cat, Skater’s Waltz, For Fun, Piano Study in D, Walk with a Curious Child,Tween Talk, March to Victory on a Computer Game

Fantasia for Peace, 2001

Seven Chroma Preludes in Five, 1999

Ancient Dream on Tarricone Mountain – Dancing Rain, Ariel’s Song, Powwow, 1996

Berceuse for Noah, 1999

Cradle Song No. 2, Maya, 2014

Cradle Song No. 1, 1993

Sonata No. 1. 1994 Ed. Joseph Dillon Ford

Chaconne in A Minor 1992 Ed. Joseph Dillon Ford


The Forest Primeval, 2019, String Quintet

A Lakeside Walk With Joe, 2019,

Third World E-Waste Graveyards (Three Solo Voices/Chamber Orchestra/Electronics) see you tube link, 2014

Brass Quintet, 2007

Piano Concerto. 2007

River of Grass Rhapsody, 2006, © revised 2017 for tribute concert in loving memory of Joseph Dillon Ford. Octava Chamber Orchestra

Rhapsody No. 3 for String Orchestra, 2005

Cirque De Cybre Symphony 2005

String Trio Introduction and Dance, 2002

Rhapsody No. 2. 2002

New Age:

Peaceful Journeys CD, 2000

Namaste (Video from Peaceful Journeys)

Publications contained in:

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln: a Commemorative Collage,2009 Pen Women Press Abraham Lincoln, SATB with Piano

Kol Isha Songbook: Women Cantor’s Network, 2019

Adon O Lam

Adding Our Voices: The Torah of Jewish Women in Song initiative. Reclaiming Judaism Press,  

Tallit of Sisterhood, Refuah Shalayma, circa 2020

Sheila Firestone

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